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Information Quick-couplerⅢ


Quick-coupler safety device
1. Safety pin
Fixed part of quick-coupler may be loose if there is problem with hydraulic line, cylinder or check valve, therefore metal pin, which prevents any movement of hitch located at the bottom part of body plate, is installed.
2. Check valve
Installing onto cylinder to prevent a dense Hydraulic occurrence which is an indication of problem with cylinder.
3. Rotary Switch & Button type
Safety prevention has been taken by connecting rechargeable battery and reply of the excavator of offer better working condition and automated rock system.

Caution information on operating Quick-coupler
- Do not recommend any operations exceeding the spec.
- Maintain the proper distance during the installation.
- Not allowed to uphold the equipment weight with a product.
- Prevents operation of non-approved attachment.
- Joining through reverse direction, angle has to be secure for fixed hook to enter

A break down and repair of Quick-coupler


Cause Repair
Operating suspension
of Quick-coupler


Sol. V/V Break down
(No Voltage state)

Fuse short


No pressure into hydraulic hose

Wire short


Solenoid Break down


Hose damage(oil leak)

Tighten & Change

Operation suspension of cylinder

Solenoid operation error

Disjointing, Cleaning or Exchange

Cylinder trouble

Cleaning or Change

Hitch & incline plate Balance

Check valve trouble

Cleaning or Change

Backward of cylinder

Check valve trouble

Cleaning or Change

Oil leak

Oil hose

Hose damage


O-ring damage in Block

Inquire at the office

Operation noise

Insufficiency of Grease

Grease injection

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