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Company Vision



We are accomplishing our vision step by step through detailed management

Kangto has become a leader in the industry based on unique business culture to create the best quality product through accurate production process, and know-how and experience obtained through product diversity.

"Power solution of quick-coupler"

Foundation of our vision comes from the belief of our CEO to disting uish ourselves from the competition by ensuing trust into our customer through manufacturing a soild product


Research development department has been established under the concept of providing better power, better technology, better innovation, better optimum and better abrasion resistance. Aim is to focus on directing company to provide better quality product.

Anticipating future of Kangto

  • Is it establishment of R&D department?
    Registration of R&D department was completed on May of 2007 and goal is to focus on providing upgraded design and development.
  • Becoming a global company through abroad expansion
    In order to take the next step, we are focus on expanding into overseas market, other than East European and Japan, Asian countries are not familiar with knowledge of Quick-Coupler, therefore sufficient marketing and promotion should help increase the exporting business.
  • Develop new item and new customer territory
    As there is an old saying "Company's core is a human power", a core Kangto Industry is employees and by upgrading their sills and knowledge, the company's value will increase simultaneously.
  • Elegant design has a high efficiency
    Employees are tend to be more productive in enjoyable atmosphere, therefore Kangto is committed in providing most suitable environment to encourage voluntary input in developing the best Quick-Coupler.

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